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Kadapa elections

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Kadapa elections News Coverage

  • Kadapa. Pulivendula elections on May 8
  • Jagan postpones Odarpu Yatra?
  • Jagan phobia in Congress party
  • It's Jagan v/s all others in Kadapa!
  • Alarming situation for Kiran Kumar Reddy?
  • Kandhula brothers jumps into Congress
  • Is Congress and TDP in so pitiable situation?
  • YSR Cong. plenary meetings on July 8th
  • CM plans for a revenge on Jagan
  • Who is contesting against whom in the by-elections?
  • Third place for Congress in Kadapa
  • Second airport at Kadapa
  • Jagan group leading in MLC elections
  • Can Ravindra Reddy reduce Jagan’s majority? Sonia
  • No ‘men’ in Cong. to take on Jagan?
  • Congress plays cheap tricks in by-elections
  • TN, Kerala police for Kadapa polls
  • Aftermath MLC poll verdict
  • Viveka's daughter against Jagan in Kadapa
  • Chiru to campaign in Kadapa for a week
  • Jaganmohan Reddy names new party 'YSR Party'
  • Only 69.5% polling in Kadapa
  • YS ‘shifts’ World Class University to Kadapa
  • TDP leader, 3 others killed in road mishap
  • Chiru can make Ravindra Reddy win the elections
  • By-elections schedule
  • Mega challenge to Jagan
  • Elections verdict tomorrow
  • Jagan has tie-up with BJP: Ravindra Reddy
  • Bind over cases on 10,753 in Kadapa

    Kadapa elections Photo Gallery

    MAA Elections

    Movie Artistes Association Elections

    Directors Association 2010 Elections

    Kadapa elections Videos

    Discussion with Rajendra Prasad over winning MAA elections 2015

    Thalasani Srinivas Yadav with Rajendra Prasad over winning Maa Elections (17 - 04 - 2015)

    Manchu Lakshmi wishes Rajendra Prasad over winning Maa Elections (17 - 04 - 2015)

    Kota Srinivasa Rao congratulates Rajendra Prasad over winning Maa Elections (17 - 04 - 2015)

    Hero Srikanth wishes Rajendra Prasad over winning Maa Elections (17 - 04 - 2015)

    V. Hanumantha Rao congratulates Rajendra Prasad over winning Maa Elections (17 - 04 - 2015)

    Rajendra Prasad & Sivaji Raja Won in Maa Elections | Celebrations at Film Chamber : TV5 News

    Rajendra Prasad Speech | Rajendra Prasad Won in Maa Elections : TV5 News

    Rajendra Prasad Win in Maa Elections | Facts Behind Maa Elections | Daily Mirror : Twists

    Shivaji Raja speaks about MAA Elections Result 2015

    Rajendra Prasad Speaks about MAA Elections Result 2015

    Delicious Pizza Dosa With Karam Chutney,Kadapa Chutney | Dosa Gadi | Opp Shilpramam | Hitech City

    Sivaji Raja won in MAA elections (17 - 04 - 2015)

    MAA Elections 2015 Results to release today (17 - 04 - 2015)

    Rajendra Prasad won in MAA elections (17 - 04 - 2015)

    Rajendra Prasad leading in MAA elections counting (17 - 04 - 2015)

    TANA Elections 2015 - Special story (16 - 04 - 2015)

    O Kalyan files petition in HC over Maa Elections (16 - 04 - 2015)

    Bihar elections to be the test of strength of the new Janata Parivar?

    TDP Institutional elections turns controversy in EGDT (15 - 04 - 2015)

    Big Day For Tollywood | Judgement Day For MAA Elections : TV5 News

    TRS Party Presidential Elections Starts Today : TV5 News

    Police combing for Red sander smugglers in Kadapa district (15 - 04 - 2015)

    HC verdict on MAA Elections today (15 - 04 - 2015)

    Line clear for 'MAA' elections result (15 - 04 -2015)

    Judgment reserved for Apr 15th in 'MAA' elections results (13- 04-2015)

    Tension on Peaks In Film Chamber - MAA Elections 2015 results today (13 - 04 - 2015)

    100's More Smugglers Caught in Kadapa & Nellore Combing : TV5 News

    High Court Postpone GHMC Elections Inquiry : TV5 News

    1 man died due to thunderbolt in Kadapa Dist (13 -04 - 2015)

    Police taken 132 smugglers into custody in Nellore and Kadapa Dist (12 - 04 - 2015)

    Slamming UPA on Coal Scam: Congress asks PM if he desires to fight the next elections in France

    Big Shock to YS Jagan over kadapa DCCB elections (10 - 04 - 2015)

    Will BJP Strategies Workout for Greater Elections? : TV5 News

    YCP Focus on GHMC Elections : TV5 News

    Halla Bol- Is AAP Losing Its Way After Elections

    Why Prashant Bhushan did not revealed the truth of Kejriwal before assembly elections?

    Municipal Vice chairman of Jummalamadugu attacked with weapons in Kadapa Dist | ABN News

    Murder Attempt On Kadapa Muncipal Vice Chairman : TV5 News

    Dangerous Road Accident In Kadapa | Newly Married Couple Killed : TV5 News

    2 died along with Groom in an Accident at Khajipet Mandal, Kadapa Dist (07 - 04 - 2015)

    T Govt working fast on GHMC Elections : Special Focus (07-04-2015)

    Bihar Elections: Can Mandal Formula Stop BJP

    BJP's Rule has no Blocks for 20Yrs? | View of Jana Sena,TDP & BJP for GHMC Elections? : TV5 News

    CM Chandrababu disappointed followers in Kadapa District (03 - 04 - 2015)

    TS Govt ignored elections promises - Digvijay singh (02 - 04 - 2015)

    MAA Elections Case Adjourned To April 7 : TV5 News

    " Bats " Being Worshipped by a Village - Kadapa : TV5 News

    Kishan Reddy Fires on KCR for Dragging GHMC Elections : TV5 News

    Plea on MAA elections Petition has been postponed in City Civil court (31-03-2015)

    Court has given green signal to Guntur Municipality elections (31-03-2015)

    BJP Leader Kishan Reddy fires on T Govt Postpone of GHMC elections (31-03-2015)

    Water war between Kadapa and Anantapur district (31-03-2015)

    MLA candidates spent 15 crores during AP Elections ; CEC Brahma (31-03-2015)

    What is the TRS Action Plan for GHMC Elections ? | Top Story - 1 : TV5 News

    What is the TRS Action Plan for GHMC Elections ? | Top Story - 2 : TV5 News

    Change in Political Atmosphere after MLC Elections? |1 MLC Seat, Boosted BJP Confidence? : TV5 News

    Water war between Kadapa and Ananthapuram Districts : TV5 News

    High Court postpones GHMC elections Petition till Monday | ABN News (30- 03- 2015)

    HC rejected counter filed by TS Govt on GHMC Elections (30-03-2015)

    Celebrities Reponse On MAA Elections | MAA Polling Updates : TV5 News

    Celebrities & Movie Artists about Maa Elections : TV5 News

    Voting Goes Frenzy I'm Happy Over Maa Elections, says Manchu Lakshmi : TV5 News

    I'm Unhappy Over Competition in Maa Elections, says Roja : TV5 News

    Jeevitha & Rajasekhar about Maa Elections : TV5 News

    Maa Will Win, Hero Sivaji about Maa Elections : TV5 News

    We're Very Happy with Polling | Naresh about Maa Elections : TV5 News

    Maa Elections Ended, Most of the Celebrities Skipped : TV5 News

    Movie Artist Association ( MAA) President Elections 2015

    Balakrishna, Naga babu utilises their vote in MAA elections (29 - 03 - 2015)

    Kota srinivasa rao, Krishna casts their vote in MAA Elections (29-03-2015)

    Elections are running smoothly : Hema at MAA Election (29 - 03 - 2015)

    Brahmanandam Cast His Vote in MAA Elections (29 - 03 - 2015)

    MAA elections starts today ; Will be until 2:00pm (29-03-2015)

    Maa elections war : Rajendra Prasad Vs Jayasudha who will it be ? (29 - 03 - 2015)

    Film Actors speaking to Media on MAA Elections at Film Chamber (28-03-2015)

    MAA Elections Today | Rajendra Prasad vs Jayasudha : TV5 News

    Voters warned Govt and KCR with their votes in MLC Elections : Weekend Comment by RK (28-03-2015)

    Voters showed their support towards Honesty in MLC Elections : Weekend Comment by RK (28-03-2015)

    Discussion on MAA Elections with Rajendra Prasad and Shivaji Raja : Part 3 of 3 (28-03-2015)

    Discussion on MAA Elections with Rajendra Prasad and Shivaji Raja : Part 2 of 3 (28-03-2015)

    Discussion on MAA Elections with Rajendra Prasad and Shivaji Raja : Part 1 of 3 (28-03-2015)

    Discussion on MAA elections with Murali Mohan and Naresh : Part 1 of 2 (28-03-2015)

    Discussion on MAA elections with Murali Mohan and Naresh :Part 2 of 2 (28-03-2015)

    Deputy CM KE krishna murthy attends for Sri rama navami in kadapa (28 - 03 - 2015)

    Legal victory for MAA elections – Gets green signal from the High Court (28 - 03 - 2015)

    Ram Navami celebrations at Vontimitta in Kadapa (28 - 03 - 2015)

    Sri rama navami celebrations in vizianagaram and kadapa (28 - 03 - 2018)

    Sri rama navami celebrations in kadapa and Bhadrachalam (28 - 03 - 2018)

    Ram Navami celebrations at Vontimitta in Kadapa (28 - 03 - 2018)

    Maa Elections : Jayasudha with Media over the Elections (27 - 03 - 2015)

    MLC Elections Sent Warning Bells to TRS? | TS Unemployed Didn't Vote for TRS MLC's? : TV5 News

    I'm not a Dummy Candidate | Jayasudha about Maa Elections : TV5 News

    City Civil Court to give Judgment on Maa Elections (27 - 03 - 2015)

    City Civil Court gives Green Signal to MAA Elections (27 - 03 - 2015)

    I'm not a Dummy in MAA Elections - Jayasudha (27 - 03 - 2015)

    Rajendra Prasad Panel Pressmeet about MAA Elections 2015 live Event

    Shock To Tollywood | MAA Elections Turns To Personal Fight : TV5 News

    Dangerous Road Accident In Kadapa : TV5 News

    MLC Elections Results Agaist TRS govt (26-03-2015)

    Ramu Surya Rao victory in MLC elections - Eluru West Godavari district (26-03-2015)

    First phase Vote Counting of MLC Elections completes (26 - 03 - 2015)

    Political interference in MAA Elections (26 - 03 - 2015)

    MLC Elections Counting Updates | Palla Rajeshwar Reddy Leading : TV5 News

    Cold War in MAA Elections | Rajendra Prasad Press Meet : TV5 News

    MAA Elections War | Nagababu Support to Rajendra Prasad : TV5 News

    Uttej, Sivaji Raja Quits from Rajendra Prasad Panel - MAA elections (25 - 03 - 2015)

    Mohan Nannapuneni's Advices in TANA Elections | TANA Influence on NRI's : TV5 News

    Jayasudha Panel Press Meet - MAA 2015 Elections (25 - 03 - 2015)

    T TDP womens association demands atrocity case against MLA Roja - Kadapa (24- 03- 2015)

    Murali Mohan speaks about Maa Elections (24 - 03 - 2015)

    High Court releases notification on GHMC elections (23 - 03 - 2015)

    High Court Serious on T-Government about Greater Elections : TV5 News

    Congress Colluded with BJP for MLC Elections? | TRS Might not Win MLC Elections? : TV5 News

    BJP and TRS are Confident about their victory in MLC elections in Telangana (23-03-2015)

    MLC Elections in Mahabubnagar Dist moving smoothly (22-03-2015)

    MLC elections Updates in Vijayawada (22 - 03 - 2015)

    Political leaders voted in MLC elections (22-03-2015)

    MLC elections moving peacefully in Khammam district (22-03-2015)

    Police Overaction on Media And Voters | MLC Elections : TV5 News

    Just 9% Polling in Khammam Constituency | MLC Elections : TV5 News

    Nearly 700 polling stations arranged for MLC elections in Telangana (22-03-2015)

    Arrangements for MLC elections in Rajahmundry (22-03-2015)

    Arrangement of MLC elections in Guntur Dist (22-03-2015)

    MLC Elections Today In Telugu States : TV5 News

    MLC Elections Fight in AP | Police Partiality : TV5 News

    Telangana MLC Elections Polling Moving Slowly : TV5 News

    Actor Rajendra prasad submitted nomination of MAA association elections (22-03-2015)

    High security arrangements for MLC Elections in Two states (22-03-2015)

    Election campaign for MLC elections has completed (21-03-2015)

    Who will win in "Maa Elections"? | Rajendra Prasad vs Jayasudha | Daily Mirror : TV5 News

    We'll take unanimous decision on Movie Association elections : Murali Mohan (20 - 03 - 2015)

    BJP will win in MLC Elections, says Kishan Reddy : TV5 News

    MAA Elections War | Jayasudha vs Rajendra Prasad : TV5 News

    Pragati krishna invested money for buying voters in MLC Elections Kakinada

    AAP To Contest Elections In Other Parts Of The Country

    It's one thing to win landslide elections and another to run a Government: Renuka Chowdhury

    TRS Tries to Influence MLC Elections, says Kishan Reddy : TV5 News

    What is Future of Jana Sena? Pawan's Strategy for GHMC Elections : TV5 News

    Jana Sena Contesting in GHMC Elections? : TV5 News

    Newcomers Might get a Chance in AP MLC Elections - Chandrababu : TV5 News

    Kadapa airport modernisation threatens blackbucks - Tv9

    Anil Kapoor Visits Ameen Peer Dargah in Kadapa : TV5 News

    Ready to contest elections - Pawan Kalyan - Tv9

    Mufti thanks Pakistan, militants for peaceful J&K elections - Vikatakavi - Tv9

    YSRCP demands Kadapa pending projects completion, stages rally - Tv9

    Telangana districts gear up for MLC elections - Tv9

    Chandrababu conducts aerial survey of Kadapa Gandikota reservoir - Tv9

    TRS Leader Palla Rajeshwar Press Meet On MLC elections : TV5 News

    Bihar elections a semifinal for Bengal, Punjab polls? - 30 Minutes - Tv9

    Ready for GHMC elections - TS govt to HC - Tv9

    Sacred cows feed on meat at Kadapa temple - Tv9

    Y.S.Jagan Review Meeting with Kadapa Irrigation Officers : TV5 News

    Fake Votes War In Tirupati Elections : TV5 News

    Tirupati By Poll Elections Ends Sedately: TV5 News

    TDP rigs Tirupati by-elections - Cong candidate Sridevi - Tv9

    All Set for Tirupati By-Elections : TV5 News

    Telugu States Focused On MLC Elections : TV5 News

    TDP Campaign For By- Elections At High Speed : TV5 News

    Counting Begins for Delhi Elections | Delhi Election 2015 Updates : TV5 News

    AAP Leading, Kiran Bedi Steps Back | Delhi Elections 2015 Updates : TV5 News

    Exit Poll Results Reflected, AAP Leading | Delhi Elections 2015 Updates : TV5 News

    AAP Towards Victory | Delhi Elections 2015 Updates : TV5 News

    Counting begins for Delhi elections - Tv9

    Delhi elections : AAP leads BJP and Congress - Tv9

    AAP supporters celebrate party's excellent show in Delhi elections - Tv9

    Delhi elections : AAP set for clear mandate - Tv9

    Aam Admi Party sweeps Delhi elections - Tv9

    Delhi elections - AAP pushes BJP under carpet - Tv9

    Delhi Elections 2015 | Final War Between AAP and BJP : TV5 News

    Delhi Elections 2015 | Count Down for Finals : TV5 News

    Clarity on GHMC Elections : TV5 News

    Delhi Elections: Political bigwigs cast their vote - Tv9

    Can BJP Win Delhi Elections? | Things BJP Did That Might Ensure its Victory : TV5 News

    Delhi elections: Stage set for polling for 70 assembly seats - Tv9

    Campaigning for Delhi elections ends - Tv9

    BJP Wins In Delhi Elections For Sure | Nirmala Sitharaman : TV5 News

    Tug-of-war over Delhi Assembly elections - 30 Minutes - Tv9

    Kiran Bedi vs Aravind kejriwal | Delhi Elections 2015 : TV5 News

    Sand sold at exorbitant rates in Kadapa - Tv9

    T TDP team meets Governor, demands GHMC elections as scheduled - Tv9

    High Court Serious On Delay Of GHMC Elections : TV5 News

    Delhi elections : Arvind Kejriwal releases AAP Manifesto - Tv9

    Freely roaming Cheetah captured in Kadapa - Tv9

    Contaminated Milk Supply In Kadapa : TV5 News

    Chirutha terrorise Kadapa residents - Tv9

    Lorry Accident In Kadapa - TV5

    EC announces Delhi Assembly elections schedule - Tv9

    Secunderabad cantonment elections ends in peace - Tv9

    Red sander smugglers attack on police with stones in Kadapa District - Tv9

    Sri Lanka elections :Mahinda Rajapakse concedes defeat - Tv9

    Famous Kandula Brothers from Kadapa set to join BJP - Tv9

    CM Ramesh ineligible for Kadapa ZP meet participation- YSRCP- Tv9

    YSRCP opposes CM Ramesh's presence in Kadapa ZP meet - Tv9

    Kadapa police controls factionism effectively - Tv9

    Producers want to contest Elections to make films with big heroes: Mansoor Ali Khan

    4 die as car hits divider in kadapa - Tv9

    Leopard terrorise Gandikota residents in Kadapa- Tv9

    Fire destroys furniture godown in Kadapa - Tv9

    Red sander smugglers attempt suicide in Kadapa - Tv9

    Kadapa Central Jail turns settlement adda - Tv9

    Criminal Sunil escapes from Kadapa Jail, captured - Tv9

    Kadapa Central Jail prisoner escapes, captured - Tv9

    Gangster Sunil Escapes From Kadapa Central Jail : TV5 News

    Assembly Elections At Jammu And Kashmir : TV5 News

    International Anti-Corruption Day | Kadapa : TV5 News

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