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Rakhi sawat

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Rakhi sawat News Coverage

  • Rakhi Sawant to sing for her own album
  • Rakhi Sawant interested in Christianity
  • Rakhi Sawant gets indecent SMS, threat calls
  • Rakhi's spunk wins Bhansali's heart
  • NTR Jr with Y.V.S.Chowdary
  • Rakhi Sawant to host Cricket Show on TV
  • Rakhi's past-word
  • Rakhi Sawant in Telugu film
  • Sex bomb's other side
  • Rakhi Sawant attempts image makeover
  • Rakhi: I've been Inspired by Kim Kardashian
  • Once 'bitten' twice shy: Rakhi to go traditional
  • Rakhi on strike
  • Rakhi & Abhishek break up!!!
  • Rakhi Sawant hurts Buddhist's religious sentiments
  • Rakhi Sawant is a die-hard Rajni fan
  • Rakhi & Raju Srivastava at war
  • Rakhi In Love With Abhishek?
  • Rakhi Sawant used her own clothes for Buddha Mar Gaya
  • Supergirl Rakhi Sawant in yet another music video
  • Rakhi loses weight for Rakesh Roshan's Krazzy 4
  • Rakhi Sawant's boyfriend actually proposed 25 times to her
  • Rakhi Sawant not allowed to enter Mumbai jail
  • I can die for Rakhi & also kill for her!
  • Rakhi Sawant accused of being molested
  • Rakhi asked to sleep with producers!
  • Beware of Rakhi, the lethal seductress
  • Rakhi turns animal activist
  • Rakhi Sawant turns into a 'Night Bird'
  • Deadly hot Rakhi turns into 'evil witch'

    Rakhi sawat Photo Gallery


    Rakhi Posters

    Rakhi Sawant

    Rakhi Working Stills

    Rakhi Audio Release

    Rakhi Platinum Disc Function

    Rakhi sawat Videos

    Aamir Khan CAUGHT looking at Rakhi Sawant's ASSETS | FlashBack Fridays

    Sunny Leone REACTS On Rakhi Sawant's FOOLISH Comment | LehrenTV

    Rakhi Sawant attacks Sunny Leone

    Rakhi Bidlan's bhabhi accuses husband of extra marital affair

    Woman thrashed inside AAP MLA Rakhi Birla’s residence

    AAP MLA Rakhi Bidlan's brother accused of domestic violence by wife

    Rakhi Bidlan's birthday gift raises war of words between BJP and AAP

    Rakhi Birla's SUV As Birthday Gift Raises Questions

    India 360: Controversy Sorrounds Rakhi Birla's Birthday Gift

    AAP leader Rakhi Bidlan gets 'Scorpio' car as B'day gift

    Rakhi Sawant hates being compared to Sunny Leone

    Chaos at AAP leader Rakhi Birla's birthday party

    Ruckus and fracas at AAP MLA Rakhi Bidlan’s birthday party

    Chaos At AAP Minister Rakhi Birla's Birthday Bash

    Chaos At AAP Minister Rakhi Birla's Birthday Bash

    Rakhi Birla & Rituraj Govind Called To AAP Office

    OMG! Rakhi Sawant Insults Sunny Leone Publicly

    Rakhi Sawant ABUSES Sunny Leone | UNCUT SHOCKING VIDEO

    Rakhi Sawant's FUNNY Comment On Sunny Leone | LehrenTV

    AAP MLA Rakhi Birla celebrates her birthday,ignores people asking for justice in Kiradi murder case

    Upheaval during AAP MLA Rakhi Bidlan's birthday celebrations

    AAP's Rakhi demands sacking of cops who thrashed 2 Dalit girls

    Rakhi Sawant At The First Look Launch Of Three Atrangi

    Rakhi Sawant's latest love interest, Virat Kohli | HOT GOSSIP

    OMG! Rakhi Sawant Calls Virat Her 'DARLING' | LehrenTV

    Again Rakhi Sawant Confesses her Love for Virat Kholi

    Virat Kohli Is Only Mine And I'm His, Says Rakhi Sawant

    Rakhi Sawant wants Virat Kohli to SWELL her lips like Anushka Sharma

    Rakhi Sawant's SHOCKING Comments On Virat Kohli | LehrenTV

    Stay Close to me, " I Love You Virat " - Rakhi Sawant : TV5 News

    Rakhi Sawant loves Anushka's boyfriend Virat Kohli

    I'll Give Myself to The Team, If India Wins World Cup - Rakhi Sawant : TV5 News

    Rakhi Sawant falls in love with Virat Kohli

    Hot Or Not: Rakhi Sawant At Charisma Spa Success Celebration

    Rakhi Sawant Gets Body Masssage | Charisma Spa | LehrenTV

    Rakhi Sawant's take on AIB roast | EXCLUSIVE

    Rakhi Sawant's FUNNIEST Mistake | LehrenTV

    Rakhi's "Opinion" On AIB Roast

    Rakhi Sawant's FUNNY REACTION on AIB Knockout CONTROVERSY | Unbelievable!

    Rakhi Sawant's DUMB Take On AIB Knockout!! | LehrenTV

    Zara Zara Song From Rakhi Movie by Sizzling Anasuya

    Rakhi Sawant celebrates Christmas on E24

    Rakhi Sawant - I am suffering from Memory Loss | Bollywood News

    Rakhi Sawant and Mika Singh together at an event! - EXCLUSIVE

    Rakhi Sawant PROPOSES Mika Singh | LehrenTV

    Rakhi Sawant in Legal Trouble | Bollywood News


    Rakhi Sawant In LEGAL Trouble | 'Defamation Case' 5 Crore | LehrenTV

    Rakhi Sawant Asks Modi To Allow Women To Maintain a Gun : TV5 News

    Rakhi Sawant Amidst A New Conterversy

    Shocking! Rakhi Sawant Targets Narendra Modi Over Rape Case

    OMG! Rakhi Sawant’s Friend Slaps Director Of Mumbai Can Dance Saala

    Rakhi Sawant's friend slaps director

    OMG! Rakhi Sawant's Friend Slaps Director Over Casting Couch

    Rakhi Sawant's friend SLAPS DIRECTOR on STAGE | UNCUT VIDEO

    Rakhi Sawant FIGHTS & SLAPS | Mumbai Can't Dance Saala

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